I think this is the moment where I fell in love a little with Jor-El, because of the way he tells Clark his birth name, so kindly and warmly. Because Clark has been needing to hear that for such a long time, and this moment feels like a sort of homecoming, done in such a subtle, gentle manner.

I just can’t get over Clark/Kal’s face when he hears his birth name for the first time.  And this is after the scene where Jonathan tells Clark that somewhere out there he had another father who gave him another name, so to finally hear it, to finally know where he came from…this is why his Kryptonian side is just as important as his human upbringing.  Adopting a child from another culture comes with that child needing to understand a side of them that, bless them, their adoptive parents will not be able to explain or sympathize with.  And Clark doesn’t love the Kents any less for it, but it is something he has needed his entire life, and now he understands, he knows, and he can reconcile that part of himself and become a whole person.  

"That’s my name?"

Not gonna lie, I felt just the tiniest bit teary inside watching his face at this exact moment too. :p

The movie really nailed it, in terms of developing Clark’s sense of belonging, which is not at odds at all, with how the Kents have loved and raised him. It would be the conventional route (although it’s definitely not unrealistic) to make Clark or the Kents resent, fear or to be just plain indifferent to his Kryptonian heritage.

But not this movie though. I love how accepting the Kents are of Clark’s intergalactic origins, even encouraging him to go out there and search for whatever means possible to find out where he comes from. Martha was even all like, if you have anymore Kryptonians coming to Earth, let them come down here to the farm, I’ll adopt them too! 

And of course, it’s a two way street. I cannot appreciate enough that they’ve given such a determined, steadfast portrayal of Jor & Lara. It cements the implication that if they have been the ones to raise Kal instead on Krypton — he would’ve still grown up to be the kind and upstanding young man that we have in the movie.


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He was a little too much this perfect boy scout, and although Lois was feisty and strong she was still always the one being rescued. Not to say that she doesn’t get rescued in our movie, but she rescues him right back, in so many other ways, emotionally.” - Deborah Snyder

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It’s been 13 years of hard graft. And just the opportunity to get the story out. We spent a lot of time and a lot of hard work putting this together. And we love doing it. And we’re very, very proud of this movie." - Henry Cavill [x]

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Ma Kent seeing ‘Superman’ for the first time

How does even Martha do this?

She just got her son back after god knows how many years of him walking the earth. But then he has leave again and go off and save the world, not knowing if he’d come back. The next thing she knows her son’s own people are trying to kill her and smashing her home and punching her to the ground.  

Martha Kent just takes it all in stride, and yet her face almost crumbles when she sees him. Because she’s just thankful that he’s safe too. Clark may be an indestructible god, but he’s still her son and she cannot help but feel that he’s the one to be protected, instead of the other way round.

She can feel her son’s terror like all those times when he was just a kid. But for the first time, it’s her that he’s scared for. So she goes to him with those photo albums in one hand and hugs him with the other, and tells him what a nice suit he has. And she’s trying to hold herself together too. Stuff can be replaced, she says. But Clark sees through it, and says but you can’t be, Mom. 

Can we also talk about how Martha has been directly threatened and was almost murdered by a bunch of Kryptonians and still her response to Clark worriedly informing her about the codex being able to bring them back is a sincere, “Isn’t that a good thing?” Can you believe the strength of this woman? Forget Clark being the bridge between Kryptonians and Earthlings, Martha Kent is the actual woman for the job. She’s gonna adopt them all and make a thousand of Clark Kents for the world.

And then that shot  of that adorable pet dog just sitting on the Kents’ front porch, totally calm and unfazed with all the drama.

This scene is just full of love, I tell you.

(And also, we’ll need to talk about baby Clark winning medals at science fairs and reading Plato at some point.)

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The Man Of Steel Stopping The World Engine

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dumb stupid idiot baby clark forgetting that he can

  1. fly
  2. see through walls
  3. hear her heartbeat or breathing or something

and instead opting to stand on his toes


He’s so downright terrified for his mother that he simply forgets everything else about himself. He cannot even bring himself to step into the house first. You can just feel his heart in his throat when he yells out for her. He NEEDS to hear her voice first, he needs her to say it herself, that she’s all right.

And Martha’s voice rang out clear and steady, anchoring him again as always.


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Justice League

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Injustice: Gods Among Us - “Chapter #1”

written by Tom Taylor
art by Jheremy Raapack

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The symbol of the House of El means hope. Embodied within that hope is the fundamental belief the potential of every person to be a force for good. That’s what you can bring them.

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Holy Trinity Of DC.

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Cavill with Chris Reeve suit?

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